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Marcoleta 391, 2° Piso, Santiago, Chile

The aim of our research is to understand the anatomical and neurophysiological bases of behavior and cognitive function, their alterations in neuropsychiatric patients and the evolutionary history of these networks in our species. Our approach is based on behavioral, electrophysiological and brain imaging techniques.

Our Team

Principal Investigator:
Francisco Aboitiz D., Ph.D.

Sra. Claudia Andrade L.

Lab Manager:
Sra. Patricia Opazo B

Postdoctoral Researchers
Maëva Michon, Ph.D.
Rodrigo Henríquez Ch., Ph.D.

Graduate students
Rosario Gajardo, Ph.D.(c) 
Ishani Thakkar, Ph.D.(c)
Sergio Osorio, Ph.D.(c)
Felipe Oyarzún, Ph.D.(c)
Joaquin Herrero, Ph.D.(c)


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  • +56 22 3543806
  • @LaNCE_NeuroUC
  • candradel@uc.cl
  • Marcoleta 391, 2° Piso, Santiago, Chile